ActiTube 8mm 10pcs1.31
Alfabet Mopsa0.00
Amnesia Haze 1g4.26
Amnesia Haze 2,5g10.17
Aperitiff EP0.00
Big J0.00
Bong tube with bowl 14 cm cut 18.8mm pipe for water pipes1.81
Boveda Humidity Control 58% bag 1 g0.56
Boveda Humidity Control 58% bag 8 g1.13
Boveda Humidity Control 62%0.384.07
Boveda Humidity Control humidity regulator 62% sachet 1 g0.56
Boveda Humidity Control humidity regulator 62% sachet 4 g0.81
BudKups 3.013.92
Catalogue DynaVap0.41
Catalogue Flowrolls0.32
CBD Bath Bombs3.22
CBD Cananbidiol Serum booster moisturizer with CBD from hemp, mixed, greasy skin 15 ml4.49
CBD Cannabidiol Face wash emulsion with CBD from hemp - mixed, oily skin 150 g2.85
CBD Cannabidiol Face wash oil from CBD hemp - dry, sensitive 140 ml4.76
CBD Cannabidiol Moisture soothing oil from CBD Cannabidiol, dry, sensitive skin 15 ml4.49
CBD Cannabidiol Moisturising-dethoxidizing mask with CBD from hemp, mixed, greasy skin 8 g0.55
CBD Cannabidiol Moisturizing and dethoxidizing cream with CBD from hemp, mixed, greasy skin 50 ml4.26
CBD Cannabidiol Moisturizing and soothing cream with CBD from cannabis seeds, dry, sensitive skin 50 ml4.26
CBD Cannabidiol moisturizing and soothing mask from CBD cannabis, dry, sensitive skin 8 g0.55
CBD Chocolate4.04
CBD Dog Treats5.17
CBD Flowers Products Bundle Big943.19
CBD Flowers Products Bundle Medium318.03
CBD Flowers Products Bundle Small113.44
CBD Oil 10%16.14
CBD Oil 15%22.05
CBD Oil 20%27.05
CBD Oil 25%32.96
CBD Oil 5%10.23
CBD Oils Bundle Big1,022.76
CBD Oils Bundle Medium397.60
CBD Oils Bundle Small124.80
CFC 2.0 Mouthpiece4.99
CFC 2.0 Water Adapter4.99
CFV Glass Mouthpiece9.26
CFV Mouthpiece9.26
Cheese 1g2.26
Cheese 2.5g5.67
Cheese do gratisow1.26
Click Box RAW container2.08
Clipper Lighter0.49
Coffee with Hemp CBD5.86
Condenser O-Ring Kit1.76
Curved cooling mouthpiece for Mighty / Crafty7.95
Curved glass vaporizer mouthpiece6.96
DaVinci IQ151.17
DaVinci IQ Accessory Kit9.67
DaVinci IQ battery10.17
DaVinci IQ2158.90
DaVinci MIQRO - Explorer Kit109.12
DaVinci MIQRO - Standard Kit78.43
DaVinci MIQRO Accessory Kit6.31
DaVinci MIQRO battery7.67
Digital Scale 0.001-100g11.14
DynaKit: Basic11.76
DynaKit: Maintenance6.59
DynaStash Padauk XL8.87
DynaTec Apollo 2 Induction Heater - International Plug (Type C)103.44
DynaVap - Titanium Tip Chamber24.78
DynaVap The Cap11.71
Eurojet glow lighter burner for bong4.43
Eurojet Heaven 3-burner lighter4.89
Fat Mouthpiece Water Adapter0.95
Fenix Mini34.04
Fenix mini 3in1 glass bong adapter8.58 5.85
Fenix mini Bubbler XL8.87
Fenix Pro67.97
Firefly 2+ Battery Door12.62
Firefly 2+ Vaporizer170.27
Firefly Case with Zipper13.13
Firefly Cleaning Kit5.40
Firefly Extract Pads (3 pack)5.85
Flat mouthpiece8.98
Flip Brick65.70
Flowermate Cap33.76
Flowermate Slick40.65
Flowrolls bags1.11
G Pen Connect89.80
G Pen Connect89.80
Gas burner Atomic Burner Black Rubber with a stand7.95
Gas burner Cozy 4 Jet Burner with 4 flames10.80
Gas burner lighter Atomic Bomb 3 colours3.60
Ghost Heat Sink11.26
Ghost MV1 Cleaning Kit5.40
Green Out Jelly Beans0.00
Grinder 3parts Poker2.55
Grinder 40mm 4 parts Hand Crank3.98
Grinder 50mm 4 parts Rainbow4.30
Grinder 53mm 2 parts Wood1.70
Grinder 63mm 2 parts Plastic0.66
Grinder 63mm 3 parts Wood3.98
Grinder 63mm 4 parts Hand Crank6.71
Grinder 63mm 4 parts Zinc Window6.71
Grinder Flowrolls 40mm 2 parts6.59
Grinder Flowrolls 40mm 2 parts Black6.59
Grinder Flowrolls 63mm 4 parts11.14
Grinder Rick and Morty 63mm 4 parts12.45
High-Temp O-Ring Kit2.90
HydraVonG XLS58.88
HydroBrick Maxx138.44
Lighter Burner Atomic 4-Jet Burner 3 colours5.66
Lighter gas burner Eurojet Pocket Torch Matte1.25
Low Temperature Cap13.98
M Starter Kit 202078.43
Maintenance Kit7.90
Maker's Kit: Dark Wood48.88
Metal clipboard box RAW2.84
Mighty Crafty Storz and Bickel dosing capsule storage6.79
MIQRO Glove7.22
MIQRO Soft Case8.30
Mouthpiece Boundless CF7.56
Natural floral tea with CBD and CBG9.96
OCB ORGANIC Slim organic chlorine-free rolling papers0.65
OFM CANNABIS Face and Beard Washing Gel 190 g2.65
OFM CANNABIS Face wash paste, 3 in 1 paste, peeling, mask 150 g2.65
OFM CANNABIS Facial care gel-booster for moisturizing and energizing 30 ml3.35
OFM CANNABIS Highly moisturising cream 50 ml2.85
OFM CANNABIS Regenerating and soothing cream 50 ml2.85
OG Kush 1g4.54
OG Kush 2.5g11.25
OmniVap Titanium107.98
OmniVap Titanium XL117.07
OmniVonG Hydra XL112.53
Original Sticky Brick119.80
Oven Lid7.90 1.78
Pax 2/3 BudKit33.87
PAX 3 Basic Kit117.07
PAX 3 Complete Kit157.99
PAX Water Adapter 3D14.72
Pineapple Express 1g4.54
Pineapple Express 2.5g11.25
Pipe Screen 13mm 1pcs0.49
Pipe Screen 17mm 5pcs0.15
Plastic stand for Mighty5.63
Plyta zestaw 2cbd0.00
PocketVac Odourless vacuum container 0.12l4.04
PocketVac Odourless vacuum container 0.29l5.63
PocketVac Odourless vacuum container 0.57l6.25
PocketVac Odourless vacuum container 1.30L7.62
PocketVac Odourless vacuum container 2.35l9.89
PocketVac unscented vacuum container 0.06 l2.84
Puffco Peak244.38
Puffco Peak Atomizer32.96
Puffco Plus13.13
Raised Mouthpiece7.90 1.78
RAW Connoisseur King Size Slim filter papers0.94
Raw Frisbee Rolling Tray8.52
Raw metal Rolling Tray 27.5 x 17.5 cm4.38
Raw mini Rolling tray 13 x 18 cm4.04
RAW Pre-rolled King Size Cone package 1400 pcs.101.73
Replaceable glass mouthpiece for the Fenix vaporizer2.99
Replacement part: Stainless Steel CCD (3pack)3.75
Replacement part: Titanium CCD (3pack)7.22
Salmon oil 3% CBD16.77
Sample Pack All strains35.04
Screens (3 pack)6.81
Silicone container 100% non-adhesive for oils and wax 2 coloured BR0.53
Solo 2127.08
Spare mouthpiece for the Fenix mini portable vaporizer5.46
Standard Condenser Kit Dark Wood Mouthpiece15.34
Standard Condenser Kit Light Wood Mouthpiece15.34
Standard Titanium Condenser (with O-rings)6.59
Sticky Brick Junior100.03
Strawberry Diesel 1g4.26
Strawberry Diesel 2,5 g10.17
Sugarfree CBD Hard Candy8.01
Super Lemon Haze 1g4.26
Super Lemon Haze 2.5g10.17
TERA Glass Mouthpiece7.26
TERA Mouthpiece5.67
Titanium Spinning Mouthpiece19.32
Unibong Travel0.00
Vanilla Kush 1g4.26
Vanilla Kush 2.5g10.17
VapCap M 201936.60
VapCap M 2020 Vaporizer39.79
Volcano Classic204.37
Volcano Hybrid348.95
Waga puszka0.00
Wysublimowana klientela0.00
Zestaw susz duzy28.42
Zestaw susz maly15.79