The Boudless Tera vaporizer is a small and modern device for heating both dried herbs and concentrate products. The difference between traditional smoking and vaporization is fundamental. Changing smoking to vaporization brings a lot of positive changes for health that you will feel after a month of using Boundless Tera.

Relaxing inhalation

Vapporizer Boundless Tera produces a lot of pure steam. It does not contain dried combustion products, so it is free from harmful substances. The gentle steam does not irritate the throat and respiratory system, so it does not cause scratching in the throat and a suffocating cough. The same amount of steam during the entire heating process allows you to inhale by breathing effortlessly, with a regular breath. The device gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing your favorite material. You can heat drought, concentrates or connect them to a water pipe. Boundless Tera easily adapts to your taste and preferred vaporization method.

Intuitive operation

This modern vaporizer is also characterized by easy operation. An anodized aluminum chamber can be loaded with 0.6 grams of dried material. When the chamber is loaded, we put the mouthpiece on, the manufacturer gives us the choice of material here – the mouthpiece can be plastic or glass. To start the heating process, press the button on the casing five times, the information that the device is working is read on the OLED display. If you want to change the device mode from concentrates to drought, all you have to do is press the button three times and you can start a relaxing inhalation.

On the side walls of the housing there are buttons regulating the heating temperature. Thanks to this, you can perfectly adjust the temperature in the range of 60-230 ° C so that it is ideal for the product of your choice. The heating process lasts only 60 seconds, after which the vaporizer vibrates to indicate readiness to operate.

You can easily connect a water pipe to Boundless Tera with a clever adapter. It has been designed in such a way that the operation of the vaporizer and its operation does not change when you want to diversify your inhalation in this way.

Advantages of using Boundless Tera

The vaporizer works very efficiently, producing steam clumps with a silky structure, which is very pleasant to inhale. The heating process is fast, the drought is heated evenly and does not change throughout the whole process. Boundless Tera runs on removable batteries and is charged via a USB cable. So you can use it the way you want and whenever you need it.

This fully convective vaporizer not only offers you high performance, but also excellent workmanship. The manufacturer took care of every detail here, creating a very handy and discreet device. The casing made of high-quality plastic in black looks elegant and discreet. The contoured shape and grooves on the sides of the vaporizer make it lie well in your hand. This makes it easy and safe to use. Boundless Tera has a wide range of equipment that will greatly simplify its daily use. The set includes a glass mouthpiece and two strainers, a water pipe adapter, a practical stainless steel feeder for concentrates, 5 sieves for the chamber, a charger and a brush for cleaning the vaporizer. Enjoy the excellent taste of your favorite herbs or concentrates using the Boundless Tera vaporizer.